Memories of hospitals

It’s two weeks since I left the Hopital du Vigan. When I was there I was not able, of course, to upload photos of my stay.  I’m doing so now, before my memories fade.

The first two photos are of the Clinique St Roch; the room is far posher than the ones I had in the hopital du Vigan.  Wasted on me, as I was not in a fit state to enjoy the room or the superior food. The third photo is the first case I had to avoid inappropriate movements of the left leg.  I had a similar, less encompassing on at le Vigan.

The following pictures are all from le Vigan.

Now I’m in that strange limbo land when I cannot do very much until the bone graft finally sets.  Amazing to think that a month ago I was still in a wheelchair.  Now I can walk without sticks in the house, but I’m not supposed to do much walking, so outside trips are limited, mainly to the supermarket.

I see my GP next week but then have to wait till I get back from the Christmas trip to London before I get another scan, see the surgeon and hopefully get the all clear to proceed normally, albeit with caution.


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