Hip scan and surgeon visit

I had been feeling quite optimistic. I have been walking round the house without a stick, albeit somewhat lopsidely. Yesterday was the big day when I got my hip was to be scanned and the surgeon to review progress.

The scan timing was a bit fraught: they were running an hour behind schedule, and I risked not getting to Montpellier in time for the surgeon appointment. In the end they allowed me to jump the queue.

On the way to Montpellier I of course peeked inside the envelope for the surgeon. The scan images were incomprehensible, but I was a bit concerned by the accompanying text.

I registered that there is a band round the bone graft which has not yet ossified or become bone. (I have to admit I live in daily anxiety that the bone graft will not take, with unthinkable results.)

My surgeon, Mme Bertrand, (whom I continue to like very much), was much more reassuring. She said she was very pleased with the progress of the bone graft; it was just that the ossification was not yet complete, She showed me the bone graft on the image printouts and it is indeed a large area – bigger than the head of the femur itself. I’ve circled the bone graft and you can see the edges are still irregular and furry.

However, she said that given that the bone graft has not completely set, I must be very careful not to overdo walking on it: OK to go round the house without a stick, but no walks outside yet. This leaves me somewhat anxious about trips to the supermarket, dentist, hairdress etc., all of which are now becoming more pressing.

Mme Bertrand also confirmed that I should really hang on till December before having that wretched front crown put back by the dentist, though she agreed that cementing back another bridge, which has also fallen out, would probably be OK if I took antibiotics. (She sympathised with the knock-on effect that the loss of one crown is having on all my other teeth!).

More scans and another visit to Mme Bertrand in about six weeks, just after Christmas. (She seems relaxed that this may be early January, if I go to London for Christmas.) She also confirmed that when the time comes she will be able to do the second shoulder and right knee replacements. We both agreed I should give my replacement programme a little break if possible!

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