Computing tangle

I came back to a complete computing mess. First I had to sort out the cables for computer, display, printer, scanners, usb hub,speakers …. They had all been turned into spaghetti by the cleaners who prepared the house for my return.

Worse still, I found my whole website account, including blog, suspended. It turned out that the annual automatic payment had not gone through. Some problem with my credit card (but I had not received an email to tell me this!) I spent a large amount of time sorting this out.

Then I found that the usernames and passwords for various bits of my site, were not working. I had tried to tidy things up in hospital but have succeeded in making them worse. I now have to wait 24 hours before I can modify web or blog pages or use my email accounts. grrrrr. I wouldn’t mind except that I suspect that tomorrow I will yet again have to contact my service provider’s (very good) support service to find out which of the many user ids and passwords I have are the current ones!

I always tell the various people I help with their computers how crucial it is to keep a note of all login details – and to edit these when changes are made. Nw it’s my turn to listen to myself. Sadly my things got into a cobble when in hospital, not knowing which changes had gone through or not.

I stuck at sorting out the mess today, with several online chats with my internet provider’s very good support service and I’m almost there. The website, blog and email accounts are working again. Phew. (Spoke too soon – another 30 minute hiccup, when nothing worked and I lost this entry while saving, Working again, but I suspect I may fall behind a firewall again.)

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