Home tomorrow

That’s it. All staff have given the green light that I go home tomorrow at 1pm.

Deborah left this morning and now I can’t wait to leave this theatre, where already the characters are fading away as I look forward to stepping back into reality. I’m sitting here, with Bach playing on my computer, to shut out the stage outside.

It has been a salutary experience. Sad, funny, maddening and worrying (for the prospect of the future of health care).

I have just completed a questionnaire – lots of boxes to rate services and a tiny space for free comment, in which I wrote the following:

Commentaires et suggestions

• tout le personnel (infirmiers, aides soignantes, agents, kinés) gentil et accueillant; le meilleur des 4 étab de santé que j’ai fréquenté dans un an.
• bonne équipe kiné (merci en particulier à Mireille et Rosalyn)
• insuffisance de personnel, surtout chez les kinés, par rapport aux genre de patients (beaucoup avec des problèmes mentaux ou/et physiques) .
• pas d’emails sur mon Mac, non plus skype (essentiel pour ma famille et amis de loin)
les repas ne me plaisaient pas- des légumes surcuites, sans goût, pas de nutrition
• manque de communication de la direction. Pas de réponse ni à notre pétition, ni à mon courrier. Pas correcte

Just some minor irritations for my last days here:-

I gave Margaret my bank card to get some cash for me and the number didnt work. I must have failed to update my records and of course I have not used it for over two months. I’m going home via the bank in the hope that my fingers will find the right one. If not I will have to go inside to get money and order a new number (which takes ages to come). Irritating, as here I use the card for all shopping except the market.

This morning a three-tooth bridge has also come out (another regular…) The dentist is away this week and given that 11 November is a public holiday here, I fear I could be eating soft food for some time. I am not allowed to do anything other than cement back a bridge until December, for fear of causing an infection in the bone graft and prothèse.

And my central heating system is so complicated that I have ended up asking the plumber to come and switch it on asap (a friend having failed to do so). The weather has suddenly cooled, the chimney gets swept on Friday, so until then I may have to rely on my – very efficient – paraffin heater.

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