Sick – hopefully one day only

I slept about two hours last night, not helped by a three hour thunderstorm at the start, then an old man in a room nearby shouting, failure to take sleeping pills (discovered this in the morning) and a queasy tum.

By morning I was feeling distinctly sorry for myself, and after managing to get dressed, was sick. I’ve spent the day back in bed and feel marginally better this evening.

All the staff have been very nice (though I could have done without seemingly never ending visits). The doctor and I agree I could be reacting against the powerful painkiller I have been taking (topalgic), so now I’m going to see if paracetamol suffices.

Marthine, the physio whose contract we failed to get extended, came to see me and gave me physio exercises and a massage. She had no scruples about telling two aides soignantes who popped in about the petition and the director’s false accusations. They were not surprised. It’s a crying shame.

We are now having another thunderstorm. It seems to be passing quicker than yesterday’ shut the rain is very heavy. I don’t know whether readers outside France have registered that the south of France and now Genoa in Italy, has been having extraordinary weather. Montpellier has been seriously flooded twice (in the first storm, half a year’s rain fell in half a day) and in the Cėvennes we have now had four stormy episodes, with some serious flooding on the hills to the south of Le Vigan. Saint Laurent le Minier, where Ed and Jude like swimming, was particularly badly hit, with the Main Street transformed into a muddy torrent, the school and Mairie devastated, at least two of the old stone bridges collapsing, and one man drowned.

Our poor friends Tom and Chantal and their two little children are having a week’s holiday in my house. They are remarkably cheery and positive. If only it had been the previous week, which was warm and sunny.

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