Stitches removed

Completely painless. The stitches were taken out by Dr Gaudin, a genial colleague of Dr Teissier the surgeon who did my shoulder and hand.

Dr Gaudin reassured me that the residual discomfort and immobility in my hand would disappear in the next month or so, and that the numbness in my fingers was caused by the damaged nerves. This would disappear as the nerves regenerated and could take up to a year.

i can now remove this brace which has immobilised my wrist and hand for the past month. I can shower again without covering my arm in plastic bags and make a better effort at cutting up my food.

As he worked we chatted. I told him about my pending replacement of the Scottish hip because the cement was disintegrating. He observed that soon the British cement hips would be used in France, even though they are inferior to the titanium ones used here. Why? Because they are cheaper. He said it was crazy to put the same very expensive hip into an 80 year old as in a more active 55 year old.

Memo to myself: check that Madame Bertrand, my September surgeon, is not going to put in another cemented hip! 


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