First meeting of our local council

Just been to the first meeting of our local council, following last week’s elections. No surprises in the election of mayor and his three deputies, nor in the divvying up of all the various committees.

Alain Durand, outgoing maire, opens the proceedings
Under the watchful eye of Marianne, representing the Republic of France
Alain Durand re-elected maire.
Yves Martin, as the most senior councillor, puts on the tricolour sash
Yves turn to get the sash, when re-elected first deputy
Pierre Pialot re-elected second deputy
Serge Recolin, third of the three deputy maires
Serge Recolin, third of the three deputy maires.
Gave a very correct speech, thanking fellow councillors for electing him.

When the session was opened to the public, Margaret said she regretted the absence of women amongst the office bearers. She was right, of course, but it did not strike many chords amongst those present.  To note that of the 11 councillors, four are women, and only three are not from local families. One wonders how much this represents the composition of the commune.

[Thierry: d’autres photos]

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