Physiotherapists and occupational therapists

Kinésithérapeutes et Ergothérapeutes

The ‘kinés’ and ‘ergos’ are at the heart of a Clinique de rééducation like this and France has a lot to be proud of.  

But the signs of strain on the system are all too visible: electrode equipment in short supply and not always working, changing rooms for the pool badly needing renovation (the shower chez les femmes is out of action and for the past week we have showered chez les hommes) and staff visibly overworked. Their day is chunked into 20 minute sessions. A broken machine or accompanying a patient to the doctor throws this out of sync.

Once again today I heard the ergos giving vent to their frustration with the administration. One of them had just been refused two weeks holiday in the summer, when her children are on holiday. There are only five ergos, there always has to be at least one on duty, and there appears to be no cash to hire temp cover. An additional problem seems to be that there is some national policy to cease funding stagiaires – trainee staff – over the summer.

The surgeons of course take their holidays, thus stopping the flow of patients to the Clinique, but nobody knows in advance when this will be. And there is no coordination between surgery units and rehabilitation.

Result: demoralised and alienated staff. It all sounds sadly familiar.

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