Turned the corner

Things are poking up today. Had a bad night, with shoulder pain till after midnight. Then this morning I woke up feeling OK again. It must have just been lots of muscles protesting at the work I have done.

This morning I saw the doctor and he agrees there is still work to be done- he was visibly impressed by my inability to raise my arm very high – and the departure date has been put back to 31st January.

There is still not as much interest as I would like to see in the rehabilitation of my hand and wrist; people seem to think it is just a question of time and usage before they get back to normal. However I have abandoned the bain écossais as Brigitte thought the icy bit might not be good for my arthritis. Instead I started a paraffin wax treatment this morning. Basically I plug my hand into warm wax for a couple of minutes and when it hardens into a warm glove, they wrap some sheeting round my hand and I set for ten minutes, allowing the warmth to gently permeate the fingers.

According to Arthritis Research UK:
“The aims of wax bath therapy are to provide pain relief and comfort, to assist with muscle relaxation and to relieve stiffness and help improve movement before exercise.”

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