Low ebb

Hopefully I shall look back on this weekend as a minor blip.  Maybe the non-stop rainy, grey weather is not helping, but I’m finding it long and difficult.

I’m reaching the end of my first week of sevrage, when I should be able to take off the thoraco for increasing periods.  Instead I can only last an hour or two before putting it back on.  And I’m never comfortable – with or without it.

This weekend my operated on (left) shoulder has been giving me nonstop low level pain.  Add to this the continuing immobility of my left hand, the fact that every time I try to sleep the right shoulder becomes very painful (a nasty reminder of more surgery ahead) and that At night I struggle to get more than three or four hours sleep, and you can see why I’m feeling rather sorry for myself.

i suppose it is not just about coping with current pain and discomfort, but reflection on what the future holds.  Got a funny but sad email from a close friend (of my age) listing all the reasons she feels very low at present.  One of them is “I hate January”.  So maybe in ten days we will both start to feel better.


I’m feeling a little more positive now. It’s still raining, my left hand is still not working, but is managed an hour’s sleep this afternoon, and did another stint repairing broken links on my website following the change of service provider last October. My North India trip in 2005 is now more or less back in shape.

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