Meilleurs voeux

We were offered another special meal at lunch today, to celebrate le Nouvel An.


The French are punctilious about greeting everybody with a “Meilleurs voeux” or “Bonne année” for days – no weeks – after the new year.  After 13 years of living in France I still find it difficult to remember this routine.  You can imagine, in a clinic, with dozens of patients, and new staff on duty three times a day I have had several lapses,  I have been touched too by receiving phone calls and texts from several ex-patients, in the early stages of struggling on their own at home.

In contrast, the French don’t normally send Christmas cards and they are tickled pink by my collection on the window seat.  (For those who have sent cards or emailed messages and who have not received a reply, milles excuses and I have appreciated them all.)


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