Bennion-Pedley visit

Jude, Ella and Madeleine are here for a five day visit, accompanied by my sister, Deb.  And lovely surprise, Ed was able to fly over on Saturday, as his trial has been cancelled.

Ella – completely recovered from the journey –  deep into princesses, dragons, witches and unicorns – as usual – though they often are involved in complicated games involving school as well as castles.  But here is the current castle built by Ella.

Maddie is an adorable baby with a smile that makes you melt and the most extraordinary Quasimodo style of crawling. you can see her mobility changing by the day, currently experimenting at getting up and down steps.

More photos are on the family/grandchildren pages – for those who know the password.

Travelling with small children

After an abortive trip to IKEA it was time get too the airport. The plane was an hour late and when Jude and family they looked well below par after a day which started badly and got worse.

The minicab that had been booked to take them to the airport arrived without the two child seats requested.  Delay and panic as the driver went back to get seats – and the car wasn’t big enough so Jude spent the journey only half sitting between the two children.

Then Ella, who had complained of a headache, was sick all over the cab. So sick that her entire outfit had to be thrown away! She was sick again in the airport. And again – dramatically – on the hot car trip back from Montpellier. Hurrah for washing machines and Dettol (although the car is requiring several attempts at restoring is usual messy but odourless state.


Stitches removed

Completely painless. The stitches were taken out by Dr Gaudin, a genial colleague of Dr Teissier the surgeon who did my shoulder and hand.

Dr Gaudin reassured me that the residual discomfort and immobility in my hand would disappear in the next month or so, and that the numbness in my fingers was caused by the damaged nerves. This would disappear as the nerves regenerated and could take up to a year.

i can now remove this brace which has immobilised my wrist and hand for the past month. I can shower again without covering my arm in plastic bags and make a better effort at cutting up my food.

As he worked we chatted. I told him about my pending replacement of the Scottish hip because the cement was disintegrating. He observed that soon the British cement hips would be used in France, even though they are inferior to the titanium ones used here. Why? Because they are cheaper. He said it was crazy to put the same very expensive hip into an 80 year old as in a more active 55 year old.

Memo to myself: check that Madame Bertrand, my September surgeon, is not going to put in another cemented hip! 


Computing support

I’ve acquired another computing client, René Ruer.  This time, thankfully, he has a Mac, passed down to him by his daughter, as well as an iPad. I’ve started by setting up the two with IMAP and concentrating on email. Next stop no doubt explaining the two different operating and file systems.

Pressleys visit

Neville and Janet Pressley, my English neighbours, came over for a ten-day June visit.  As usual they entertained Richard Daventry (a childhood friend of Neville’s) and me to some excellent meals.

Les épaulistes

Les épaulistes is my made up word for the group of us recovering from shoulder operations in the Clinique Ster this winter.  Here are three of them, plus two husbands, who came to lunch.  This is part of the same group who had a memorable day in Montpellier and Palavas in January.

Fête de la musique

France does a great job of celebrating the joys of music every midsummer day, Le Vigan in particular.

I went to listen to my friend Sylvia, who sang with her usual flair. I also heard my old choir, Rinascenza.  Reduced in numbers but still good.



Eagles have been reintroduced into the National Parc des Cévennes.  There are now three which tour our valley and the neighbouring hills.  I can’t tell them apart from the buzzards, but Jacky assures me these are eagles, identifiable by the white markings on their wings.

Jacky enjoys the bassin

Jacky has been doing the final checks for the bassin, along with his son Julien and his electrician friend, Jacquot.  It was a very hot day, so they ended by stripping and leaping into the pool.  “Il est magnifique.” said its creator, Jacky.