Ça va?

When you greet someone here, there is invariably the ‘ça va’ question – the informal version of the ‘comment allez-vous’ one learnt in school.  I have to keep reminding myself that my friends don’t really want to hear that ‘ça ne va pas de tout’ followed by a list of woes.  They would far prefer to hear ‘Oui, ça va – et toi?’

The fact is that things are not brilliant, but at least I now have a lovely new GP, Maelle, with whom I discuss the sequence of my forthcoming medical interventions.  This is a month when I will see shoulder and hip consultants, as well as possibly embark on another tooth implant!

But, no, I know you don’t really want to hear about my operations 🙂

Kate’s birthday card to me.

Sally’s visit

I’ve just had a lovely visit from Sally Simon.  We go back over 60 years, to the age of eight, when our parents were great friends and we, initially, not so great!  Sally and I both went to the same secondary school – Tiffin Girls – though she was in the year above me, as she arrived already knowing things like French and Latin.  We have remained in touch over the years and I regard her as one of my closest friends, despite never living in the same place as adults.

We were lucky, as the sun shone for all her visit (until the car journey back to the airport today) and we packed in a huge number of trips, mainly car-based, sadly, because of my hip. On her last day we went to Uzès, which she found as enchanting as all my visitors.  (An added amusement bonus was the medieval fair!)