Weekend visitors

I cherish the visits, because I know this is a good hour’s drive from home.

Charles and Pierre came on Saturday, full of news about the previous week’s concerts, at which of course I could not perform, and dark hints about ‘l’ambience’.  I fear la jalousie des musiciens continues.  It was a good visit, they came armed with DVDs which I look forward to watching.

Then om Sunday Margaret came with Poppy and we had another lovely walk in the sunshine.  Margaret has brought me up to date on local news and scandals – and no, I won’t risk repeating these on the internet.  She and Hans visit my house regularly.  The kitchen progresses, although it appears my fridge and dishwasher are too old to attach to the doors I have bought.  Richard is attempting to find a solution.

The pool is making good progress.  Jacky is taking January off, but already you can see the main pool taking shape.

20131204_IMGP2465 copy



The weekend saw a lot more people leave for Christmas. We are down to about 20 who can’t leave because they have thoraces – like -me, or are still in wheelchairs, or live alone.


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