My first room – with Malika

This is what I wrote to the family soon after arrival

Finally got to st clement. Grandiose but dated. But clearly very efficient staff even if a bit like a boarding school.

Horror. I’m sharing room with a very friendly Moroccan woman who is on the phone with her family NONSTOP. I can’t hear myself think. And when not on the phone she wants to chat.

Things got more stressful in the days that followed. Malika is a sweet, kind woman, eager to be friendly. But for someone sleeping as badly as me sharing was already a nightmare – I would like to turn on the light, move around, listen to the radio.
I was still very tired and dosed up with morphine, and needed to sleep, but couldn’t because when her large family is not there (on Sunday 24th from 10am to 3pm!) she is on the phone to her daughter. Loud Arabic with curious abrupt phrasing, put paid to rest. Conversation is also tiring because her French is difficult to follow.

Margaret visited during this period and we had to escape to the salon. the girls found face tome sessions virtually impossible.

My mutuelle pays for a single room, but there are none available so I have to wait till people leave.

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