Leaving St Jean

The only time I left my room was to be taken for an x-Ray. So I was more than ready to leave St Jean.

First I had to go down to the offices to collect my discharge papers and – mauvaise surprise – pay a cheque for 1000 euros! This is the amount by which my surgeon’s fees exceeded what is covered by the French health system (CPAM). I said my mutuelle had said it would be picking up this tab. But apparently it is up to me to settle the bill and then send the papers to the mutuelle in order to be reimbursed! What a crazy system. Luckily I had the cash in my account, transferred to pay for installation of my new kitchen.

A trip of about 15 km in ambulance and I arrived in my new ‘home’, Le Centre de Réeducation du Docteur Ster, at St Clément de Rivière. This is a tiny cluster of buildings – two clinics, a lycée and a restaurant, in the garrigue north of Montpellier. I’m sure that in the next decade the garrigue will be replaced by housing developments as Montpellier keeps on growing.

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