Days before hospital

As if life was not hectic enough – buying seven weeks worth of dog food for Poppy, packing cases, checking the heating was off, redirecting post…… – I had to remove all the contents of my kitchen and store them in the study, in preparation for my new Ikea kitchen, to be installed in my absence. And there were several very pleasant exchanges with Jacjy, the guy who is designing and building by natural pool (water circulating through plants and waterfalls rather than using chemicals). He worked hard to prepare the foundations before my departure, so that I could understand what he would be doing. All quite mad on my part, financially, but very exciting.

At the same time I was rushing around Ganges and Le Vigan getting X-rays, blood tests and heart checkup. I discovered days before entry that I should have a carte groupe sanguin – an official card giving my blood group – and I have no idea what it is! The local laboratory said it would take ten days, the surgeons secretary muttered in helpfully that if all my papers were not in order I risked having the op postponed till end February. But then finally, thank goodness, the anesthetics department said it was not necessary. Phew!

Then it was time to take Poppy to her holiday home, chez Hans and Margaret. Without them I would be lost.

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