The journey home

The evening before leaving I looked at my booking pass, saw no reference to my scooter, so rang one of Easyjet’s rare help numbers, got through eventually to someone in the Far East. After an unsatisfactory discussion he issued a new booking pass. End of conversation. Then I looked at the new pass – it said expressly no electric wheelchair! Phoned help again. Similar conversation, except this time the person admonished me for not requesting this change earlier. But I did, I protested – in my original booking a month ago! And I’m not requesting a change but rather a confirmation of my original booking.

So I set off early this morning all set to do battle at Gatwick airport. No need. Once again the Easyjet’s staff bent over backwards to be courteous and helpful. They agreed with me that their software was problematic, assured me that their System had my scooter in it, and once again escorted me like royalty.

Until I got to the plane itself where I discovered that it is up to each captain to decide what to do about electrically operated vehicles (apparently there had been a fire on a plane two years ago when the battery was left on a wheelchair – and connected! I produced the manufacturer’s certificate of compliance and eventually the captain agreed to do what they had done on the outward plane – store the batteries within the cabin. (The manufacturer actually says that this is not necessary because my batteries are so light!)

During the course of this many of the airport staff enthused over the simple, lightweight design of my scooter.

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