Painting Pottery

Part two of my birthday trips with Ella, this time shared with Jude, Maddie and Deb, was a visit to a delightful pottery shop/cafe where you buy an unpainted pottery object – a tile, bowl, teapot or picture frame, for example – you pay a studio fee and are provided with paints and brushes. Your painted objects are then put into a kiln to be fired.

Ella attacked her large tile with great enthusiasm and concentration. Onlookers had somewhat diverging views about adult intervention. Deb, who was doing a splendid job of seeing that the growing number of paint bottles used returned to their proper home, was splendidly non-interventionist. I, on the other hand, could not resist trying to explain that mixing lots of colors together on the palette was perhaps not such a good idea. But Ella knew her own mind: she definitely preferred the sludgy outcomes and showed a particular preference for black. The first tile had lots of energy, the second was more an abstract study in the sludge range. The third piece was a splendid photo frame with Ella’s handprints. Now I wonder who will be the lucky recipient? I look forward to Christmas…..

A most satisfactory visit and I anticipate much more pottery painting by the whole family.

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