“Girls'” trip to the Albany Theatre, Deptford

Since I was not to be here for Ella’s birthday party I took Ella to the theatre. In deepest Deptford… ( Luckily Ed kindly drove us there. )

This is my first solo outing with Ella and turned out to be a delight (apart from the journey home). Why “girls'” trip? Well our first action was a trip to the loo. I read out aloud the sign “Women” on the door. “Yes,” said Ella, “We are both women. That’s why we can go here.” (Not like her recent trip to Gents with Henry…)

The Albany is a lively social centre with an impressive programme of events. We were there to watch a gentle, right-on play about a couple (and their city squirrel) who move from the city to the country where their naïveté and the suspicions of the country folk (represented by an owl) make it hard for them to settle down. But all turns out ok in the end and Tony and his wife, Squirrel and Owl become good neighbours.


Perhaps more suited to five and six year olds, but Ella seemed to enjoy it (though flagging after the morning trip to the Horniman).


She enjoyed meeting Owl afterwards.

The journey home was a bit of a dampened. The two taxis that came up on the iPhones taxi hailing system, Hailo, rejected the job. Eventually I got the community centre secretaries to call a local cab (whose 15 minute wait turned out to be more like 35 minutes). A salutary reminder that life in deepest Deptford is a wee bit different from Camberwell or Dulwich.

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