Scooting round London

My scooter has made a couple of successful local outings, notably to Goose Green children’ s play ground. It manages the up hills reasonably and a certain amount of appalling pavements. Perhaps it’s biggest challenge is navigating round the many trees which are cheerfully uprooting the pavements. No, actually the biggest challenge is scooting alongside Ella, who overtakes on her scooter at great speed.

Today it was put to the real test: I decided to combine visiting my friend Val in Shepherd’s Bush with clothes shopping in the vast Westfield shopping complex nearby.

The real eye opener was how incredibly eager everybody, especially railway staff, are to help. At Denmark Hill Station I tried to explain that I could in fact walk and if I couldn’t manage to lift it onto the train by myself I could ask for help. But oh no, they insisted on helping me into the lift and producing a ramp for me to ride up into the train. I felt an absolute fraud.

Thereafter fellow passengers rushed to help at every opportunity.  I have already observed when struggling up station stairs with my suit case that tall, black hoodies score higher than men in suits in their willingness to help out.

What would have been a nightmare on foot, searching for shops in vast ill signposted malls was almost a pleasure on wheels.

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