Local walk to quatre chemins

Rose and Kath did one of my favourite local walks yesterday: to Serres, up to quatre chemins, along an unsignposted track and then down the easy to miss path that leads back to Serres.

20130927_serres-4chemins-cimetiere-walkTo help me document this walk for others, they took key photos.

This first is one of the key moments when you can go wrong.  You have walked through the village of Serres, taking the upper fork by the fountain, sweated up the steep hill and you arrive at ‘quatre chemins’ – the four roads, and the one you want is the one with no signpost.  This photo is taken from the path that leads up the hills for the much longer walk to la Cravate, to the left is the path to Aulas, and the path leading up from Serres is on your right.  Rose is pointing at the unsigned track that leads southwards, towards le Bruel.

Quatre chemins


This is just a nice view back, to the hills behind Serres



Then comes the crucial turning.  If you have Poppy with you, you just follow her.  Otherwise you look for a more obvious path turning off to the left, and opposite it is the easy to miss path which meanders down the hill, past a dry stone wall belonging to Alain Bourrée.

Turn right on track to cemetery


Have faith, Rose.  Poppy knows the way.

Path meanders down hill


Eventually the path joins a larger track and if you turn right, you are walking back past the cemetery and then three houses to the village of Serres.

Right, onto wider track


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