Our latest concert

Phew, it’s over!  Curious, my feelings after a concert are always first, relief that it’s over and that I survived, then regret and frustration that I allowed nerves to get the better of me – and the wish that I could play everything all over again.

Our latest concert was in a stunning setting, a beautiful valley near Anduze.  Across the road from our concert venue was this magnificent big, austere (Protestant….) pile.  It is owned by the family of a woman who was one of Mitterand’s ministers.20130921_IMG_1660.JPG

The Temple de St Sébastien d’Aigrefeuille, an early nineteenth century Protestant church (‘temple’ in France) recently restored as a cultural centre.  Outside, the temple looks like so many in the Cévennes.


Inside, the stark black and white décor were not to the taste of all, including the former mayor who started the restoration project, but I liked it.





We were five in our ensemble and the concert was a programme consisting entirely of French music, played before one of our smallest audiences ever!  Not surprising given that the total population of the commune is about 500.

Afterwards we stopped for an impromptu meal at a very good restaurant en route to Anduze.



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