Our next generation – witch children?

My nearly-four granddaughter, Ella, is currently completely obsessed by Rapunzel, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and all things magical, mysterious, scary or beautiful – preferably all mingled up.  Her stories tend to feature princesses (with golden tresses of course) locked up in towers, witches and wicked stepmothers (actually at present, step-sisters).

Her very best friend is Henry .


Born a week apart (mothers at the same NCT class), they shared a childminder from babyhood, and moved on to the same nursery, but are now sadly in separate nurseries after Ella’s move to south London. Henry is obsessed by superman and tigers.  He goes everywhere dressed in a superman costume, carrying a toy tiger.

The two have decided, of course, that they will get married when older.



Actually they often say they are already married.  Henry was overheard to say that they should have eight children, Ella was heard to ask if three was not more reasonable.  In a recent Facetime session we asked Ella where this family would live.  In a cottage in the middle of the wood, she replied.  And there would be eight children not three – all witch children.


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