Bionic woman

Shoulder, knee or hip?  Which won the race to be the next to be replaced.  Answer: shoulder – though it was a close run finish.


I saw THE hand/arm/elbow man in Montpellier, this evening (appointment at 8.30pm, seen at 9.45pm).  He said instantly that my shoulder was completely riddled with arthritic holes and growths (not that I can see any of this in the X-rays).

The surgeon confirmed what all the other doctors have been saying: the shoulder needs replacing.  (I won’t know what sort of replacement till after some scans in October.) Provisional operation date: Monday 18 Novembre.  I’ll be in hospital for up to a week, and then four-five weeks in a maison de reeducation.  He insists on one in Montpellier, rather than our local place, Les Chataigniers.

So it looks as if I might be eating hospital food this Christmas. And I’ll have to break the news to my fellow musicians.  It affects our Christmas concert.

And who knows, next year it might be a knee …. ……


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