You can rely on my nearest village, Serres, to provide enough dramas and intrigues to fill a novel.  The latest is a spectacular fire last week, which gutted one of the houses in Serres le Bas (that part of the village beside the main road rather than up on the hill), lived in by a member of one of the local families plus his partner and toddler.


The fire burnt all evening with the last of the pompiers (fire engines which double up as ambulances) leaving at 1am, and the gendarmes an hour later.

Onlookers’ immediate reaction was that it must have been caused by the family, as he is known to like a glass or two…  But it turned out that the family had left for a holiday a couple of days earlier and the couple who rent the house next door are now in police detention.  (He was found lying in the middle of the road by the pompiers.)

Let’s hope that the victims are properly insured, though it drove home how nothing can replace personal possessions like family photos.

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