Sillwood Mansions

Sillwood Place with Sillwood House View to sea from Sillwood Place  This is Oriental Place - less exotic than its name. Sillwood House  Built for my ancestor, Sir David Scott. But I think the facade has been changed a lot. Sillwood Mansions, 9 Sillwood Place
Our ground floor flat  It was the oriental windows which captivated me. Entrance hall to no. 9  Our house was converted into flats in about 1907 and the imposing entrance hall remains. Front door to flat 1  Victim of the Edwardian conversion of the house into flats Sitting room  The windows are as splendid inside as out.
Sitting room  The large sitting room gave us much pleasure. (Photo taken before we had finished unpacking and curtains not up yet.) Dining room  Again, photo before our curtains up Bedroom  Inherited this door decor!