May 2012


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20120501 IMG 0268 : Photo Stream 20120505 IMG 0271.JPG : Photo Stream Rose de Chine : Photo Stream Roseraie de L'Haÿ : Photo Stream Bamboo wood  Planted only a few years ago.  Visit to Sara's friends, Liz & Malcolm, Montvalen north of Toulouse 20120502 IMG 4926
Sara in bamboo wood Poppy in wheat field Gas citerne to be filled next week  The way gas is measured and how to work out consumption is incomprehensible to me. Gas tank filled  3 May. : Photo Stream Bréau this morning - 5 May  After the night's storm : Photo Stream Rose by Margaret's door : Photo Stream
Left behind  One sock.  It is now a tradition for Sara and me to leave at least one item behind. : Photo Stream, Diary Margaret and Neal  Lunch with Caroline and David Nolder.  Margaret is Caroline's mother, and Neal the father of Caroline's friend Ailleen. : Diary, Photo Stream Watchdog : Photo Stream, Diary Irises at bottom of terrace in front of house : Photo Stream, Diary 20120508 IMG 0283.JPG (1) : Photo Stream, Diary 20120508 IMG 0283.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream
View from my terrace : Diary, Photo Stream 20120509 IMG 0286.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream Janet Pressley  Neville and Janet here for a week of reasonable weather : Diary, Photo Stream Night visitor  Blurred because I was in a hurry to capture this before he disappeared in fright : Diary, Fauna Pierre : Diary, Photo Stream Charles : Photo Stream, Diary
Jean Claude  Pierre's friend from his youth : Photo Stream, Diary Rose  planted by Deb three years ago : Diary, Photo Stream 20120514 IMG 0294.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream 20120514 IMG 0295.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream Aaargh.  Income tax time : Diary, Photo Stream 20120517 IMG 0303.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream
20120517 IMG 0304.JPG : Photo Stream, Diary Peter here for 10 days : Diary, Photo Stream Dinner at Le Jardin, le Vigan  Peter's choice - and excellent (younger than his bottle stored here and which I inadvertently drank in the past few months!) : Diary, Photo Stream 20120519 IMG 0308.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream Evidence of our unusual rainfall : Diary, Photo Stream Drain blocked at my entrance  The guys from the commune strimmed the roadside, left the grass in place. This blocked my drain and the rain from the road came pouring into my driveway : Photo Stream, Diary
Driveway badly damaged  and the dramatic rainfall from the road outisde came pouring down my drive. : Diary, Photo Stream Terry, me and Peter  Terry and Dallas - Steve's uncle and aunt - here for a too brief flying visit.  We went to Cirque de Navacelles on one of the coldest wettest days of the month! : Photo Stream, Diary Dallas  Complete with bandaged nose (had walked through a plate glass window...) : Diary, Photo Stream 20120522 IMG 0333.JPG : Diary, Photo Stream Cirque de Navacalles  Cold and wet but still magnificent : Diary, Photo Stream Gayle's present to Willow  En route to England (courtesy of Dallas and Terry)  I had a chance to photo this magnificent doll (two heads - one at each end!) : Diary, Photo Stream
20120522 IMG 0328.JPG : Photo Stream, Diary 20120522 IMG 0326.JPG : Photo Stream, Diary Windswept tree outside my study : Photo Stream, Diary